From this year Knauf facade systems are present in Macedonia. In order to function flawlessly every thermal facade system is a sandwich of at least 8 layers.

From the facade system used to refresh the already outdated facade by facade thermo-insulation system with EPS insulation, through the system with mineral wool with many advantages, until thermal facade system with natural stone, Knauf protects every home from external influences and makes it warm.

Knauf self levelling screed:

In both, the new buildings and restorations, the professionally-agreed floor systems are becoming more important. With well-planned flooring system, the subsequent shortages are successfully prevented

- It gets a sense of comfort underfoot
- It gets self-leveled ideal base for flat surface
- Suitable for all types of floor coverings
- Optimal for floor heating - saving energy
- Quick and easy to perform
- Biological and healthy
- It is with constant guaranteed quality